Game On!

January 8, 2008 § 1 Comment

It took me a while to get excited about the US Presidential election 2008 horserace crap. I mean, damn, they started early didn’t they? And let’s face it. I didn’t (and still don’t) really see any losing on the Dem side. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards have been the top three for months, those other stiffs were never going to get any traction. White-haired pompous Senate guy? Thanks for playing. Governor / policy wonky / experience guy with a little problem with the ladies? If you ain’t at least as good as Clinton I, not interested. And I can live with any of the three. Heck I like all three. Edwards was my choice last time right after the press finally managed to connect with Dean’s kneecaps (took ’em enough tries, didn’t it?). Hillary, c’mon, what’s not to like about Hill?

But Barack Obama. Oh boy. Where to start, where to start? hmmm….. Oh yeah, we have a primary election going on in New Hampsha today. Following his administration of an unexpected whuppin’ on Hillary and an expected one on Edwards in Iowa, Obama was creaming them in the last polls and in Dixville Notch in the early AM (Hillary got blanked in Dixville; sorry wannabe Harts Location, you just ain’t Dixville!).

The usual naysayers are ranting about how unrepresentative Iowa and New Hampshire are. Take noted political science pundit Jake at Pure Pedantry:

I hate you Iowa. I… Most of all, I hate the Iowa caucuses. …The only part about the Iowa caucus that pisses me off more than the fact that people have been talking about it for a solid year is how astonishingly irrelevant it is to actually picking a President. Yes, I said it. Iowa, you are irrelevant.

“But wait Jake,” says Iowa. “Our early place in the primary season allows us to showcase the candidates different views–“

No Iowa. Bad Iowa. (Hits Iowa on head with newspaper.)

While I recognize that the candidates showcase their ideas in Iowa, this serves only to highlight the utter irrelevance of that particular state in the primary process. If they weren’t first, no one would give a shit. Iowa is utterly dispensable. Why not Hawaii? Why not Colorado? Why not anywhere but there?

“But our demographic represents what many Americans care about–“

No Iowa. Bad Iowa. (Hits Iowa on head with newspaper again.)

Your demographic represents Iowans, but Exhibit A for how Iowa is not a microcosm of America

Or the much respected touchstone of the young female democratic vote, MsPhD over at Young Female Scientist:

Someone wrote that I should be cheered up by Obama winning Iowa’s democratic primary.

I’m not.

Here are the three reasons why I’m not:

1. First off, let me say this: people put way too much stock into a totally unrepresentative sampling, and then it influences all the other primaries. I hate that.

You are sooooo missing the point people. And I’ll get to the rest later.

The knock on Iowa and New Hampshire about being “not representative of the US as a whole” is transparent code for “damn, those places are white, rural, ig’nant and we know that means stupid and racist”. And guess what? Speaking for good old NH, ‘specially them votah’s up in the real pahts of NH that ain’t just flatlandahs and swamp rat carpet baggahs, they ARE white. Nary a tan face to be seen. Women, they got plenty of. Ethnic minorities? not so much.

Do I have to draw you a dot-to-dot? These enclaves of the melanin challenged just went for the tan guy!

Game on, my friends, game on.


§ One Response to Game On!

  • drugmonkey says:

    actually they didn’t. polls were wrongo and anyone who made an assumption is now trying to claim that there were some shenanigans!

    are you going to claim the racist-lies-to-pollsters or the EvilDiebold hypothesis ????

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