Alley Lynching Redux: This is so Meta it Hurts

January 26, 2008 § Leave a comment

Professional troll chummer and flame fanner Ed Brayton picks up on the “lynch Tiger in the back alley” theme which I was already all over. And like good little trained curs his readers get all twigged in the comments. Keep the thing rollin’ Ed, keep it rollin’. That was your point, right, that this is so fucking important that we need to keep it rolling? Wait, what?

(Meta: I’m busting on Ed for overhyping this crap while he’s busting on Jim Brown and others unspecified for overhyping this crap….dude this is professional Meta blogging is what it is. Represent.)

But what the fuck is up with these idiots in the comments who want to parse whether fucking “lynch” means anything in particular. It is a transparent ploy to get us to feel sorry for you for being a moron with an IQ that’s to the left of Dubya’s. I’m so sick of this fucking half-ass poaching of some bad stereotype of liberal arts college post-modernist thinking. News flash you dipshit you don’t get to just make shit up just because you feel like it. “Lynch” has connotation. Dipshits.

And Ed. Ed. Ed. You missed this and badly. At least one of the comments picked up on it. Oh wait, that was Ed himself. And he still managed to brain fart this one! The point is that “lynch in a back alley” is not a fucking colloquialism. Nobody says this. What we have here is an inadvertent intrusion. Otherwise known as a good old Freudian slip.

And that is what Ms. Tilghman was punished for. A failure of the SuperEgo. She’s thinking all kinds of nasty thoughts in the Id, isn’t she? Naughty, naughty.

Oh and for fuck’s sake, Tiger still ain’t “black”. I’m looking at you Jim Brown.


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