Who are we rooting for this year?

March 24, 2008 § 2 Comments

Commenter crowlie wanted to know who I’m backing this year.

We could do worse than Slipstream-Chipotle. They had Will Frischkorn in the long break of Milan-SanRemo last weekend. They have some guys I like.

IIRC, Friedman, Pate and Frischkorn have been the class of the squad as Vaughters has worked them up to a top tier team over the past few seasons.

guys I don’t really like but what the hell, they’re good riders.

and guys who are nearing “not gonna do it” career-wise but damn I wish they would. If Hincapie can have a great year…

Oh, did I mention they got a Tour de France start?

Update: as well as a start for the most important Spring Classics?


§ 2 Responses to Who are we rooting for this year?

  • crowlie says:

    Silvain Chauvanel turned up a good performance in the Paris-Nice. He had a moment in the sun in le Tour last year… I’m wondering if he’s going to be a surprise.

    Yeah, agreed Millar is looking fit.

    But after those stages in the snow, CSC are looking pretty freaking good.

  • bikemonkey says:

    CSC. Yeah. >Big Sigh<.

    I mean, they are chocked to the gills with guys to like

    Gotta just love the hard cases Voight and O’Grady. Sentimental fav Julich although I’ve never really been a fan, seems to fragile and just never got it done. all that veganism or whatever no doubt. The Schleck boys are looking to be a damn classy act.

    And Cancellara. Now that is a rider!

    Still, I keep waiting for the shoe to drop. I know they put on this big anti-doping front. But so have others and call me suspicious. I’m going to be really fucking disappointed if 8 years after retirement we find out Voight was doping after all. Sad to say but that BigHorseMotor stuff which makes him a fan favorite also draws the suspicion…

    (Not to mention their BigTour guys, Sastre and McGee? Yuck. Never gonna do it)

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