Normal Walking-Around Racists

March 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

Ed Brayton has a post up talking about his friendly poker game gone bad:

 I host a poker game on Thursday nights and last night one of the regular players invited a new guy to the game that no one else knew. In the middle of the game, someone brought up politics (not me; I don’t talk politics with most of that crew, I just play poker with them). And this new guy blurts out, “I can’t believe no one has taken a shot at Obama. Can you imagine if they elect a fucking nigger as president?”

Just one of the guys. Like you might meet at a friend’s barbecue or at a pickup game of ball. And out it comes. Teh racist. Or the homophobe. More Ed:

I’ve had the same thing happen with anti-gay slurs as well. Unlike most people, I don’t just nod and smile when someone calls people faggot or other such slurs. While I will gladly fight for their legal right to say such things, I won’t let it go unanswered and I certainly won’t allow it in my house. And the reaction is the same every time.

“Most” people nod and smile? I sure as shit don’t. Oh, and that “reaction”?

I told him to get the hell out of my house, he wasn’t welcome here. And then I got the typical answer: “Oh, I didn’t mean….” Bullshit. Yes you did. You just didn’t know it wasn’t safe to be a racist around me.


We are not in a post-racial phase people. Just because we have hammered down racists into being careful about where they express their bigotry does not mean they do not exist. Just because you live in your little geographical or socio-economic bubble does not mean that other walks of life are not populated by bigots. Heck, it doesn’t even mean that your walk of life isn’t populated with racists, just that they are more socially adept about expressing it!

Can you imagine if they elect a fucking nigger as president? I know I can.


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