A New Dialogue on Mixed Race?

March 31, 2008 § 1 Comment

A piece in the NYT covers some tired old ground on mixed-race people. You know, tan guys. And, um, tan girls I guess. (I need to change my categories, sorry my tan girl friends).

Being accepted. Proving loyalty. Navigating the tight space between racial divides. Americans of mixed race say these are issues they have long confronted, and when Senator Barack Obama recently delivered a speech about race in Philadelphia, it rang with a special significance in their ears. They saw parallels between the path trod by Mr. Obama and their own.

This is the tired-old trope part. Remember a year ago when the MSM was obsessing about whether Obama was “black enough” for black folks….and then the polls came out and showed us how unbelievably stupid the MSM pundits are? What’s the matter with those idiots anyway, haven’t they ever heard one of the masters lay it down?

Damn straight. “Don’t care where you comin’ from, as long as you a black man…you are an African.”

Listen to it though, Tosh wasn’t really talking about “Africans”, he was really talking about tan guys. And more about how as long as you ain’t a white man, you are…well, something else.

The NYT piece isn’t totally out to lunch though:

The 2000 Census counted 3.1 million interracial couples, or about 6 percent of married couples. For the first time, the Census that year allowed respondents to identify themselves as being two or more races, a category that now includes 7.3 million Americans, or about 3 percent of the population.

Many people still stick to a one-race label, even if they are of mixed descent, researchers say, sometimes because of strong identification with one racial group, and occasionally because of a conscious effort not to dilute the numbers of the group they most identify with.

Yeah and some of us can maintain a slightly more complex worldview which changes a lot depending on circumstances. What is the essential base is that we understand that we are tan guys/gals. We may make up stupid shit like “Cablasian”. Or we may “pass” for black or Indian or Latina or Asian or some of us may even occasionally pass for “white”. We end up with some pretty interesting families and some good lookin’ folks (see here, herehere and here thanks to apparent tan-guy Razib). No matter. We are tan. We are not white. We are often not tied to other group identies which, while historically useful, are becoming somewhat limiting.

Our time is now.

It is nice that we have tan guy Presidential candidate Obama to vote for, innit?


UPDATE: Razib is all over the article.


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