Hermione, Leia and Drew Barrymore WERE screwed

April 3, 2008 § 4 Comments

From Peter Sagal’s review of the new Horton Hears a Who movie featuring some clown:

How come one of the GIRLs didn’t get to save Whoville? I cried.

“Yeah!” said my daughters.

“And while we’re at it, how come a girl doesn’t get to blow up the Death Star! Or send ET home? Or defeat Captain Hook! Or Destroy the Ring of Power!”

“That’s rotten!” cried my daughters.

“How come Trinity can’t be the One who defeats the Matrix!” I yelled.

“What are you talking about?” they said.

“You’ll find out later,” I said. “But here’s one: how come a girl doesn’t get to defeat Lord Voldemort!”

(h/t: Zuska)

Update: 4/5/08. Peter Sagal blogs and apparently found the idea that his rant resonated with people a bit surprising.


§ 4 Responses to Hermione, Leia and Drew Barrymore WERE screwed

  • Thanks for the link. Great article by Sagal. Not that I need another reason to like him (Wait Wait Dont Tell Me is pretty good itself), but this adds to his good-guyness bigtime.

  • Awesome. Also, what was up with Simba having to save the forest? His girl-pal Nala was by all accounts smarter and tougher (she beat him up). Ohhhh, but Simba is Predestined.

  • bikemonkey says:

    Great point, Nala totally kicked Simba’s ass. And remember, she was back making it work for her peeps under the thumb of the oppressor while Simba was kickin’ it with the frat boyz.

    I think we’re going to find out that JK Rowling was pulling some pretty revolutionary shit. Harry and Ron were so embarrassingly incompetent and Hermione just pulled the weight for those two clowns for seven freakin’ years! I think she’s trying to enrage 9 yr old girls everywhere..

  • I loved the endless scenes of Hermione waggling her hand in the air, desperate to give the right answer, and getting ignored by Snape until she nearly burst (and then earning the reputation of class know-it-all). Pretty much recapitulated my entire childhood.

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