Blogrollin’ a Tan Girl

April 10, 2008 § Leave a comment

Major hat tip to The Field Negro for this find. Light-skinned-ed Girl in. the. house.

  • Post on Miss Sweden 2002.”Bet you don’t necessarily think of this when you think of Nordic beauty, but there it is.” You know you’re clicking through on this one!
  • Her blog personality. “here are five things that seem true about my blog personality that are not necessarily true about me:” What? “blog person” is not equal to “IRL”???? wTF???!!11??!
  • On the recent NYT discovery of tan folk (that I mentioned): “The “new dialogue,” as the New York Times puts it, about Mixed experience may be new to America at-large, but we’ve been having the conversation amongst ourselves for some time now.  It’s just that now, folks are beginning to pay attention–as they should.”  Re-pre-sent!
  • How about her family album?: “I am sure they could not have imagined that their photos would be in the same Family Album.  But that’s the story.  That’s the Mixed experience.” Ha, HAH! Gramma, meet Granny!

Get your narrow behind over there and read!


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