Why do we tolerate this in the United States of America?

April 10, 2008 § 7 Comments

This shit turns my stomach. What the fuck is wrong with people that they would send their 13 year old daughter off for this? What twisted goat 49 year old “man” wants to do this? really. I don’t get it.


§ 7 Responses to Why do we tolerate this in the United States of America?

  • Bikemonkey,
    It is truly horrible.
    I am trying to put together a post on the press coverage of this too—some of the sanitizing bullshit language that was used when covering this fucking abomination (like “girls rumored to have had sex in temple”—instead of “girls raped by goddamn pedophile church-elders”). I forgot to screencap some of the more fuckwitted ones; now cant find them easily—anyways, maybe later today I’ll find some time to put together and post what I have.

  • bikemonkey says:

    I have a hard time reading this shit without tasting a little vomit at the back of my throat. I mean this “immediately consummate” shit:

    Doran said it was not until after the raid began that he learned that the sect was marrying off underage girls at the compound and had a bed in its soaring limestone temple where the girls were required to immediately consummate their marriages. A number of teenage girls are pregnant, investigators said.

    is unbelievable. I mean, shit, for all we know the whole wackaloon theocratic ensemble circles the bed chanting psalms or some fucking thing.

    Look, I’m a fan of civil rights and all that shit but multiple pregnant underage girls is getting me pretty far down the reactionary line-those-disgusting-goats-up-against-the-wall path….

  • melville says:

    Pretty grim for sure. It speaks to the fundamental unsustainability of polygamy where 101 boys are born for every 100 girls and the boys nowadays are surviving to adulthood.

    The curious thing is the outside social welfare problem–while theoretically they are keeping to themselves that is not the case in practice. The second (and up) wives are single mothers legally and in many of the polygamous groups apply for welfare as such. With the end of ‘welfare as we know it’ 12 years ago these single mothers now have a 5-year ‘sell-by’ date before their benefits run out in most states. Getting a new wife (the limited supply leads to desperate moves, like 13 year-olds) means preserving the income stream.

    The other side of it is ‘What about the boys?’ Boys in polygamous groups are cast out to sustain the girl/boy ratio and the ‘lost boys’ are a big social problem in southern Utah. Assuming no outside female imports, even to have a society with an average of three wives per fella, two-thirds of the boys must be cast out.

  • bikemonkey says:

    if they go on welfare, doesn’t this involve the state? and can’t state officers start figuring out wtf is going on and intervene? i thought they’d keep as far away from state apparatus as they possibly could?

  • larue says:

    There is NO history of this kind of communalism (polygamous) in our nation’s history where the women had ANY kind of rights over them selves, or their bodies.

    NO ONE, can convince me, that any of this is right or rightous.

    I’m thankful this wasn’t a Jim Jones ending, or a WACO ending.

    Anyone in this sitch is scarred, from the get go, I feel sorry for them, but they are all scarred.

    Some, as we’ve read, are scarred (as previe history has documented) and even defend the sitch.

    For them, I can only hope they get better.

    But this shit is about men, abusing women and CHILDREN, and power, and lust, and control.

    It’s just not right, not under ANY religious or purported constitutional claims of rightousness.

    It’s all just not right.

    And dammit, necks should be hung, stretched, and bent.

    Male necks.

    The wimmen? I don’t know, what WILL they do? Their protectors are lost, they have no job skills, how will they care for their children?

    Who ARE their children? Does anyone KNOW where who’s children came from, and who has parental custody of them by blood line?

    And our government has NOT shown any proclivity to help the hopeless. And in THIS case, as opposed to Katrina, the victims are white, not black. But still, our government has not shown it can help these poor women, and children.

    We’re talkin emotional and psychological and physical scars for a life time, among what, 700 or so adults and children?

    How does a nation help to pay, or help, this kind of thing?

    And our nation don’t have a good track record of helpin the downtrodden this past few decades, does it.

    Sigh. I’m greatly saddened. And it ain’t over, is it.


  • melville says:

    Going to the outside social welfare problem–while they have a reputation of keeping to themselves, that isn’t necessarily the case. Colorado City, AZ, an FLDS enclave, has 5X the national average of welfare recipients.

    I could really apply cultural relativism to the sitch IFF it didn’t generate so much of what the economists call externalities in the form of ‘single mothers’ and ‘lost boys.’ Seriously, in Texas the sherriff had an informant in the FLDS compound for four years and was unable to generate probable cause until the famous cell phone call, the maker of which is yet to be identified, and for which the accused Barlow guy may not have been anywhere near Texas.

    I’m not apologizing for the FLDS, but like in, say, Iraq, we can’t apply our standards to them until they want our standards for themselves. It’s gruesome and awful, but THEY gotta wanna if there’s going to be any change.

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