John McCain thinks his wife is complete and utter trailer trash

August 18, 2008 § 4 Comments

Okay, first he called her a trollop and a cunt. Which, you know, one can pass off. It was just a joke, yo! A little joshing between man and wife. I mean, I don’t know one single fucking person who would call his wife that, but hell, I’m not sure I know any septuagenarian rich-ass politicians who are running for President so that’s bad on me.

Pandering to one of the many dumbfuck constituencies McCain suggested that his wife could win one of their tribal competitions for womanly virtue. Like this one:

or perhaps:

who is voting for an asshat who thinks his wife should do this shit? I mean, FUCK!


§ 4 Responses to John McCain thinks his wife is complete and utter trailer trash

  • Wow.
    Just fucking wow.
    McCain certainly has a great attitude towards women, doesn’t he? He just proved he’s pimp out his wife to win the election.

  • melville says:

    While you guys are enjoying your ivory tower lifestyles and your intellectual marriages a good chunk of America is saving for that once in a lifetime trip to Sturgis or Daytona or even Laconia(!). Sometimes they even vote.

    And seriously, if you don’t think your wife or SO is hot enough to win Miss Buffalo Chip, how’d you even get into that relationship? I think Cindy McCain sees the compliment that John McCain meant, even if the contest itself is below her dignity.

  • bikemonkey says:

    In this particular case melville, I think my wife has considerably more class.

    look, ivory tower whatevah. I have my occasional appreciations for certain elements of working class culture. objectification of women just isn’t one of them. and I have no problem with that, voters or not.

    shit, running in fear that Dems electoral difficulties are because they don’t cower down and pander to dumbfuckery is the WHOLE fucking problem we are in. What you miss is that the Repub machine worked very hard to tell the dumbfucks that their interests lay in tax cuts for the wealthy. This is not some native or organic position of the dumbfuck class. Dems miss the point that what they need to do is not cater to the Republican line but rather to re-orient the dumbfuck class to their own fucking interests.

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