Off the Florida Keeeeeeeeys…

August 20, 2008 § 6 Comments

Shocking. Simply shocking I tell you. Some misguided git threw down some seriously ill-considered smack.

Kermit the frog? KERMIT THE FROG???!!!! OK, no matter what I dredge up from my iPod it will not be as embarrassing as that!

and oh, the haterade flows even more freely from this one:

“Muppets” has come to mean “idiots” in UK slang

And then it turns out some mushroom and mercury intoxicated Lewis Carrol disciple actually….really…incomprehensibly…

I’ve actually never seen the show.

You poor, poor, sad souls.

better? Starting to feel the love? No?

I can keep this up you know!

But instead let’s meme this for all you muppethuggers who don’t respect the felt! The meme is simple. Post one muppet clip (preferably a song) that you locate on YouTube or elsewhere. That simple. Tag to the Mad one, PhysioProf (yes, profane mashups count),  doubledoc and of course our Muppet Apostate vwxynot!

Update: and on the advice of their traitorous friends, those Dr. Muppethuggers.


§ 6 Responses to Off the Florida Keeeeeeeeys…

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