Here’s how you tell if you are a dumbfuck trailer-park Republican

August 27, 2008 § 5 Comments

Anyone with half a brain wonders* about the trailer park Republican vote which has been hale and hearty since Reagan. In fact so-called Reagan-Democrats were the most visible turncoat-like instances but they certainly abound and are responsible for the past three decades of economic fuckery relieved only temporarily by the Clinton presidency.

What makes you a trailer-park Republican? Well, many things sadly, many things. But one of the diagnostic criteria of greatest importance is that you argue that you are voting for Republicans because they will make your personal economic situation better by cutting your taxes. What makes you a dumbfuck is that this is never the case. The Republican strategy is to put a couple of cents into your left pocket while pulling several dollars out of your right pocket. This is in part because the dumbfucks also fall for the other side of the explicit Republican platform: supposedly to “shrink government” and “cut spending”. Of course what they mean is to stop spending money on stuff that directly benefits trailer park Republicans (and a bunch of the rest of us) while letting corporate oligarchs extract massive amounts of personal profit from public spending on big ticket stuff. You know, like corporate bailouts, useless military hardware etc.

Now the Bush taxcuts broke new ground in fooling their already softened-up base. These suckers went way beyond the pale in giving the trailer park residents a few pennies in tax cuts while giving the richest of the RichieRich oligarch fucks millions. Millions that would not even remotely alter their personal use of wealth beyond Scoreboard! issues.

The Washington Post has an article out today which details an analysis of the Obama and McCain plans for personal income tax alterations. This chart shows you if you are a dumbfuck or not.

Presidential Tax Plans (

Presidential Tax Plans (

See that? Typical Republicans. Oh sure. Everyone gets a cut, sure enough. But until you make over $111,646 in income, your tax cut is pretty lame. Under $66,354 in annual income? That is less than a 1% reduction in your taxes. $319 at best. That’s just over $25 a month folks. Obama’s plan gives that same family a $75 a month tax cut.

So, if you are making less than $111,646 in taxable income and you are voting for McCain because he’s going to improve your personal economic situation by cutting taxes, you are a dumbfuck.

(and dear sweet jebus but we haven’t even gotten to the ways the Repub plan takes money out of the pockets of the working poor by causing costs to be shifted to more-regressive local and state taxation schemes, requiring personal expenditure that used to be covered by the government or employers, deregulating corporate sectors that predictably turn around a fuck the consumer….)


*if you are a Dem, you wonder in a sort of train-wreck stomach-clenching illness sort of way. if you are a nontrailerpark Repub, in a jubilant “fooled those dumbassess again” kind of way

§ 5 Responses to Here’s how you tell if you are a dumbfuck trailer-park Republican

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  • Trea LaPark says:

    You dum liberial dont you know if you give the country club republicans a big tax cut they will make lots of high paying jobs if john MacCane were pres that would of happend

  • qwertyuiop says:

    It’s weird because 50% of Americans don’t pay taxes anyway.

  • Rob says:

    Trea LaPark – Jesus dude, its looks like a fucking child wrote that comment. Stop wearing your stupidity on your sleeve. Its easy, just shut your trap..

  • Phi Thetta says:

    WOW!!!! Dumb F*Ck Republicans are ALWAYS talking about JOBS, JOBS, JOBS….”We’re going to create JOBS if you let us run the WHITE HOUSE and STOP the SPENDING…” ….sureeeeeeeee, give everyone whom isn’t making over six-figure salaries a f*cking hand-job so they can JERK-OFF YOU RICH-F*CKING GREEEEEDY AZZES!!!! That sounds correct, doesn’t it, “Right-wing” rightie-tighties????

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