Proud of her “choice”

September 2, 2008 § 7 Comments

Did you catch that? I’m pretty sure you did. The coverage on Palin’s revelation that daughter Bristol is pregnant out of wedlock at 17 that I’ve been reading all included the money quote:

“Our beautiful daughter Bristol came to us with news that as parents we knew would make her grow up faster than we had ever planned. We’re proud of Bristol’s decision to have her baby and even prouder to become grandparents,” Sarah and Todd Palin said in their brief statement

“Decision”? Let’s call this what it is, eh? Her choice, Governor Palin, her choice. The same choice of the much debated Pro-choice fame, isn’t it? Now we know the Gov is rabidly anti-abortion, having been quoted as “choosing life” in the scenario in which her daughter was raped and impregnated. Given that, we hardly need to search but lo and behold Governor Palin objected when the Alaska Supreme Court decided that pregnant teenagers did not have to secure their parents’ permission to obtain an abortion.

“I think the ruling is outrageous, I think this infringes on a parent’s right and duty to make sure they’re looking out for their child’s best interest,” Palin said.

No offense, lady, but you with your no-abortion-after-rape position are EXACTLY the fucking reason this parental consent stuff needs to be demolished everywhere.

Getting back to the point, something is complete and utter bullshit here, surprise, surprise. What is most likely is that Bristol Palin did not in any real way make a “decision” to take her pregnancy to term. What is more likely is that it was a decision that could not possibly have gone any other way. That the Governor would have practically forced her daughter to “decide for life”. Any thoughts on how it would have gone before the Alaska Supreme Court struck down the parental consent law? Don’t make me laugh cry.

Or. Or, or, or, or!

Something even nastier. That Governor Palin is revealing what the middle-class to wealthy persons of privilege who oppose choice rights are really all about. Of course they are in favor of restricting the behavior of everyone else. Because they know for damn sure that their progeny will never be restricted in their own choices. They can always fly their darling daughter just about anywhere necessary for a quickie abortion.

So what this is really about is keeping the lower classes as powerless and tied to labor demands as possible.  Kids are expensive and distract people from, oh, wondering about political and economic disparity. Another opiate to keep the masses pacified.


§ 7 Responses to Proud of her “choice”

  • Didja catch Samantha Bee on the Daily asking Republican convention-goers the same question, more or less? “Hmm, what’s the word I’m thinking of, it’s like when there are several alternatives….”

    In their defense, I’m sure many of them think that Bristol’s “choice” was to raise the baby rather than put it up for adoption. Which is legitimate, in its own sense. However, Palin’s repeated rhetoric on how she “chose” to keep Trig isn’t about adoption–it’s about abortion, and she should be called out on it.

    Of course, that argument loses punch if Trig isn’t really her baby 🙂

    I think we’re best off letting Obama and Biden keep their hands clean, and meanwhile encouraging the media to dig down to the fucking permafrost to find Palin’s skeletons.

  • bikemonkey says:

    You saw this right?

    The coverups just keep coming. This one is an attempt by some business partner of Todd Palin’s to close his divorce record. Isn’t this the same guy the Enquirer is accusing of having an affair with the Gov?

    permafrost, here they come!

  • drdrA says:

    I’ve been stewing about this Bristol and Sarah’s ‘choice’s all week.

    Lets add the ‘family matters are private’ which appears to apply only if you are Sarah Palin running for VP… and once Sarah Palin is VP your family matters won’t be private because her government will make sure that they are involved in your family’s ‘private’ matters.

    It’s sickening.

  • Seems to me that there are two issues here. The issues within Palin’s own family and her stances on certain political issues. I have said before that I disagree with the governor on many an issue. However, I can’t criticize her for what it going on within her family because she is clerly putting her money (or her candidacy) where her mouth is. She and I may differ greatly from an ideological standpoint, and I will remember that when I cast my vote, but on this single issue I can’t bring myself to bad-mouth her family. There are plenty of other politicians who don’t have their homelives together (cough…Edwards…cough).

  • bikemonkey says:

    The trouble is that she is most assuredly not putting her money where her mouth was. She is pretending that her daughter exercised a choice. The type of choice Gov Palin opposed on both anti-choice and parental notification grounds.

  • No, but see that is exactly wrong. In this society, with its current laws and ethics, Bristol Palin did have a choice. She could have had an abortion and in many places she could have done it without her mother’s permission. Be clear, BikeMonkey, that we are not discussing Isis’s personal politics here. I am simply saying that in a society where Bristol Palin had a choice thanks to Roe v. Wade, she [and I suppose her family] still made a choice that was consistent with the politics her mother supports. Right or wrong, all I am saying is that many politicians do not do that.

  • bikemonkey says:

    Aaaah, so since your standards have been so decimated by, say, the anti-gay Repubs with the gay porn-n-prostitutes habits, the anti-drug Repubs with the addictions/addict children, the family values Repubs with lengthy strings of philandarizin’ and divorces behind them….it is a virtue when one doesn’t act the complete and total UberHypocrite? okay… There you are right. Would have been worse if Gov Palin or Palin Jr. had chosen abortion. There you are right that they stuck with their principles.

    You realize that wasn’t what I was criticizing in the OP, though, right?

    The Palins are trying to get virtue points for a pregnant teen choosing not to abort. Bullshit. Because in Palin-world, women don’t get this choice. It isn’t up for discussion. No abortions for anyone period. And oh, btw, teens especially can’t make their own decisions.

    So which is it? Did Palin Jr. make a choice? And thereby deserve the brownie points they are assuming? Or did she just do the expected in right-wing-theocracy-world? In which case this “decision” is so trivial (i.e., to follow the law and cultural virtue) that one might as well say “Gee, Gov Palin decided not to shoot her hunting partner right in the face on her last hunting trip- isn’t she GREAT!”.

    As I said, I think this “decision” phrasing is very telling and that it was indeed a decision that Palin Jr. made. A decision that people like Gov Palin and McCain (remember that “family decision” crap?) always fully intend to reserve to their rich-ass selves while they are doing everything they can to remove this choice from the powerless. This flagrant hypocrisy, my dear Isis, is why their so-called personal family beeswax is rightfully a matter of public discussion.

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