Silly granfalloon of atheists meme

October 17, 2008 § Leave a comment

Blame it on drdrA and her post-grant stupor… The originator was apparently The Atheist Jew.

Can You Remember The Day That You Officially Became An Atheist?

No. OTOH,  the Atheist meme Darwin-bothering, Dawkins-fawning clubby shit is coming very close to making me “offically” not an atheist.

Do you remember the day you officially became an agnostic?


How about the last time you spoke or prayed to God with actual thought that someone was listening?


Did anger towards God or religion help cause you to be an atheist or agnostic?


Here is a good one: Were you agnostic towards ghosts, even after you became an atheist?


Do you want to be wrong?

Yes. The same way I want to live in the land of unicorns, fairies, Star Trek and functional light sabers (in which I have massive amounts of teh Force, natch), most of the sunny side of religion sounds pretty good. I can do without the hellfire crap though.

Tagging atheists is boring as hell. I tag Thomas Robey and Isis the Scientist.


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