A day late and a dollar short (UPDATED)

October 19, 2008 § 1 Comment

is going to be fucking engraved on Colin Powell’s tombstone.

Now that it is all but over, he endorsed Obama. Big fucking whoopdedoo, General.

If you wanted to be relevant or have any serious effect, gee, maybe when he was neck and neck with Hillary. Maybe during the post-Republican-convention Palin-love-fest?

Now? You just look like a clown.


UPDATE 20 Oct 08: Upon futher review I have to reconsider my position. What Powell actually said in his comments on Meet the Press:

and to reporters:

This is important stuff. McCain really didn’t get hammered enough for his awkwardness in telling crazy rally lady that Obama is not an Arab “he’s a good family man”. Republicans generally have not been hammered enough for their assertions that Obama is a Muslim (he’s not, of course) and therefore shouldn’t be President. Nothing wrong with a Muslim president of the US, is there? ‘Course, those types didn’t want Romney because he was the wrong variety of Christian so…

Powell said a whole lot of what needed sayin’ and like it or not there will be some who will listen to him that will not listen to the same facts from perceived “libruls”. So good for him. It is not too late to address this anti-American hate-fest the Republican base is putting on for us. I was wrong on that.


§ One Response to A day late and a dollar short (UPDATED)

  • I liked it, both for content and for timing. I don’t think he could have endorsed in the primary–because I assume after being part of the Clinton circle he would have been in deep horseshit for endorsing Obama, and no need for him to go out on a limb.

    He does it now, when practically everyone else has chosen sides–it’s a lovely October surprise, of the good kind. We win a news cycle while the McPalins are getting tangled in their own words, or pricey wardrobes, or whatever.

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