October 25, 2008 § 3 Comments

I was holding off on this post, not wanting to jinx it. Being a superstitious monkey and all. But (sortof)Nobel laureate Paul Krugman threw out the first salvo so that makes it GoTime.


Remember the fucking 2004 election? Bush’s razor thin win? And all the fucking braying and trumpeting of what a mandate he’d been given by the people to engage in further wackaloon America hating pocket enriching greedfuckery and warmongering? Remember? Krugman does:

Four years ago George W. Bush narrowly won the presidential election, and Republicans achieved a 30-seat majority in the House and a 10-seat majority in the Senate. Immediately there was a vast chorus from the commentariat, proclaiming the death of liberalism; America, everyone said, was a conservative nation. I have a whole shelf of books with titles like Building Red America and One-Party Nation.

Fuck that noise! It was a buncha shit in the first place since the county by county tells a far different story from the redstate/bluestate map. But that’s old news.

The new Krugman news:

Maybe the current polls are all wrong. But at the moment they point to an Obama victory by a margin much larger than Bush’s in 2004, plus a Democratic majority of 50 or more in the House and something like 14 in the Senate.

So you know what the morning-after commentary will say — in fact, it’s already started. Yes: it will say that America is, um, a conservative nation.

We are NOT going to let this shit happen, yo. If Obama wins as big as Bush in 2004 or if he takes a landslide, I wanna see wall to wall coverate of the liberal mandate. The mandate to take back our country from all the sick fuck right wing theocratic America-hating douchemonkeys and return it to all that is Dear and Good about our country.

You’ll be hearing more from me on the mandate.


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