October 29, 2008 § 1 Comment

Disclaimer: I was a fan of the Round Mound of Rebound in his playing days. Yeah, he’s got a big mouth but that’s a good thing. and the man just loses it every now and again and makes no bloody sense.

Nevertheless, a nice interview with Campbell Brown.

Part 2:

Chuck has a straight up focus on public education and subsequent economic opportunity. Maybe he shouldn’t be left to waste his time running for Governor of some backwater state, Obama?


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  • Damn – says “the video is no longer available.” I was in Philly when he joined the Sixers as a rookie and you could get in free if you weighed more than he (270 or 280 at the time). I always respected the man because he never expected anything from his teammates that he wasn’t willing to give himself. He had no patience for whiny injuries.

    The transcript is up at CNN here:

    Actually, I think he would be the perfect governor of Alabama because he’d finally be the role model he claimed he wasn’t in the early 90s Nike ads. Since he says he’s not thinking about it until 2014, that’s plenty of time for the O-man to offer him a slot to develop his political chops.

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