She’s kidding, right?

November 26, 2008 § 3 Comments

Good Gravy.

In custody fight, the mother claims justification for blocking the father’s visitation because he, OMFG!!!!!!, paints the kids toes blue and puts him in the “girl” version of a pull-up diaper.

After the hearing, Robertson said her son has become confused by the toenail panting and wearing pull-up diapers designed for little girls.

Guess what?  The dad’s one hundred percent right.

“He says he can do whatever he wants,” Robertson said. “(Urlacher said), ‘It doesn’t make him feminine. It doesn’t make him gay.’

It doesn’t. Nor does it fucking “confuse” them. What confuses kids is when their parents are fucking nutjobs who tell all kinds of funky shit like they can’t paint their toenails or that their little penises will fall off if they wear a pink diaper.

I have no patience for this shit. Any boys of mine can get right to wearing nail polish and tutus and fucking princess Halloween costumes if they want to. It isn’t going to “make them” anything they won’t be already… sheesh.


§ 3 Responses to She’s kidding, right?

  • Besides, guys in nail polish and eye liner are totally hot. There was this one bartender in Glasgow while I was doing my PhD… mmmm, all the girls were crazy for him.

  • This is ridiculous. First of all, as if Brian Urlacher (of all people)’s son is going to have trouble identifying stereotypical male behavior. Second, The Common Man entirely agrees with the Bikemonkey. The problem here isn’t with this boy’s father, but with a psycho mother afraid that the littlist thing is going to turn her little boy gay. It’s paranoid and homophobic and wrong. That said, if the boy still expresses interest in doing this as he gets older, The Common Man thinks it is important for his father to let the boy know what kind of asshole reactions he may have to expect from idiots like his mother, and how best to deal with those reactions.

  • bikemonkey says:

    another thought following rocking the fuck out to Queen videos on YouTube with the twerps today. It would verge on child abuse to avoid certain musical works of unCommon genius just because of the artists’ phenotypes.

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