January 9, 2009 § 2 Comments

The Common Man, having been spanked once with a rolled up newspaper for excluding tan guys from his poll on face swapping, is trying to do better. Self-improvement is quite manly, of course. The (closed) poll up at TCM at the moment includes the legendary Richard Roundtree as one of the options to choose the manliest of man actors. For the younger and paler types, Richard Roundtree is none other than:

Although Common can perhaps be excused for his myopia, we might as well get something straight right now. Tan guys are more manly. Sorry, true story.


Even more Manly (Fishburne, obviously. YouTube is letting me down with the variety of clips from this most Manly of films. I mean shit, Fishburne and Connery? Daaayum).

Okay, now Common did get one thing right. Eli Wallach. Even though he’s not really a tan guy, he functions as such in this most Manly of films. And this movie would’a been crap without The Ugly.


§ 2 Responses to Manly

  • As if The Common Man could have a list of manly man actors without Shaft (damn right). Meanwhile, The Common Man would contend that the actors you reference, Samuel L. and Laurence, are not “manly” (particularly in those films (by the way, how underrated is Just Cause? Very taut thriller with a terrific cast.)), just violent. Their actions are not righteous (despite Samuel L. quoting the Bible), nor are they fair. Rather, the two brutalize and terrorize their victims. The sad fact is that “tan” people in Hollywood can only be as manly as their scripts allow them to be, and Hollywood has not been interested in allowing minorities to be good, tough men in a traditional sense without fetishizing their toughness and manliness (Shaft, for instance). In retrospect, The Common Man also could have put up Edward James Olmos (for Stand and Deliver, Battlestar Galactica, and American Me) and Denzel (for Remember the Titans, Crimson Tide, The Hurricane, Malcolm X, Philadelphia (wow, long list, Denzel should have been on there, even if he did star in The Preacher’s Wife)).

  • bikemonkey says:

    oh right, because John Wayne, Sly and Teh Clint all made their reps as sensitive guys of the 90s. Don’t make me laugh.

    EJO and DenZEL are good calls indeed.

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