The impact of Prop H8, writ small

June 6, 2009 § 7 Comments

I found this on my car door after concluding my shopping. (My anti-Prop 8 sticker is still on the car.)

Just sad that the passage of that proposition alienated good people who are just trying to get by. Sad that it is worth writing a note because some random has a bumpersticker of support…


§ 7 Responses to The impact of Prop H8, writ small

  • Ironic to read this after spending last weekend at a commitment ceremony for two fantastic gentlemen – we all called it a wedding despite our state laws – and it was more beautiful and meaningful than any other wedding I’ve attended. You are good peeps for keeping the bumpersticker on and opposing H8.

    btw, I uploaded a photoshopped-adjusted version of the note to see it better:

  • melville says:

    Just astounding that we are now behind 5 out of 6 New England states (even NH!) and fricking Iowa on this issue. Even my seven year old knew Prop 8 was wrong when he figured out what it was about.

    On the upside, this will come around within our lifetimes. I wouldn’t have said that 10 years ago.

  • BikeMonkey says:

    New fucking William Loeb’s Onion Liar Hampshire is what I’m sayin, melville!!!!!

    This is just plain embarassing for Cali..

  • I have HAD IT. I refuse to comply with our government in ANY way until my loved ones and I are EQUAL. Taxes? Jury Duty? F-that. Not until I am treated with the SAME respect and given the SAME civil law access that others have.

    We need to STOP acting UN-equal. NOW.

    Here’s my personal message for the White House:

  • This is just plain embarassing for Cali..

    It sure as hell is. And, the other day, I made the mistake of reading Ed Brayton’s post about some Sacramento morning radio dickheads talking about beating the shit out of transgendered children. WTF? This is CALIFORNIA! Are we forgetting or something?

  • bioephemera says:

    That note actually made me tear up a little. Man, it sucks that someone felt the need to thank you for not being a bigot.

  • bikemonkey says:

    That’s what I’m sayin’ bioephemera. I’ve had a few people comment directly to me as well. It makes me sad.

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