Blogrolling: Pull My Finger

July 27, 2009 § Leave a comment

This blog is explosively hilarious!

Pot Roast:

I have this horrid picture of a nice, Midwestern family sitting down to an evening meal on “ethnic night”, with a nice big pot roast on the table and a jar of Pace picante sauce, and some crunchy taco shells.


Everything does not have a reason, and if God meant for there to be one, God can suck my dick. At the funeral was an old man who, in the last few years has lost two of his kids and his wife. At the funeral were two kids who have to find their way without their mom. At the funeral was a widower who looked as if he’d been hit by a truck. At the funeral were friends, the kind who stay on the phone together until two a.m. just talking about nothing, now waiting by the phone that doesn’t ring.


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