“You know, if you are going to be a racist and an assbag you might want to look around the cafe”

February 8, 2010 § 8 Comments


Monday after the Super Bowl….must be the time for the assklowns to come out of the closet with their half-baked theories.

Old Dude, a few tables away, talking loudly to another old dude: “blah, blah, no great SuperBowl quarterbacks are black which shows that blacks just can’t play the position, blah, blah, blah”

Me: [See title]

The rest- predictable. We talked a little Warren Moon, selection bias and the extreme filter of talking about only those quarterbacks who managed to play in multiple SuperBowls. Dude refused, uncivilly, to engage the points. The fate of the Congo was raised; I admit that I laughed. The fact that some black guy first played in the NFL five decades ago (or some shit) was alleged to prove lack of racism in the selection and grooming of elite NFL quarterbacks. Warren Moon and bothMarcus Allen* and Damon Allen were a mainstay. It was asserted that Old Dude was not saying black people were incapable, exactly, and another 200, 400 years would bear this out. For now though…

I remained slightly uncivil. I remained uninterested in letting Old Dude retreat or ‘splain his assy comments until and unless he admitted the role of racism in the selection and grooming process for elite NFL quarterbacks.
Dude managed to resist bringing up Michael “Dog Abuser” Vick, to his considerable credit.

I may have slipped in a crack about Anonymoustache’s favorite Fortunate Son, Eli Manning. And maybe a few about ol’ HorseFace.

Ancient old white folk around the place looked slightly alarmed.

Nothing like discussing racial quarterback politics to get your day going!

Go over to this list of The Six Greatest Black Quarterbacks. Far more entertaining to argue the relative merits of quarterbacks than to engage in random shenanigans over your morning coffee, necessary as it was. Or you might want some history on the GreatRunningQuarterback.

And in this time of quarterbacks receiving too much credit for wins and too much responsibility for losses, Moon and Cunningham were forced to quietly endure “choker” labels despite leading teams that had fatal flaws that were perennially exposed come playoff time.

*It is not possible for me to mention Marcus Allen without pointing out that thanks to that chancre on the choad of the NFL that is Al Davis, all subsequent rushing records require an asterix.

§ 8 Responses to “You know, if you are going to be a racist and an assbag you might want to look around the cafe”

  • melville says:

    Holy shit! I know they’re thinking it, but there are still assholes without the “public off” switch?

    Even worse, I’m guessing you weren’t in Idaho.

    While there have been black folk in the NFL for 50 years, the feeder system (that NCAA criminal enterprise) had de facto quotas in place well nigh up to 1970. A common practice was to have black players stacked at certain positions (running back, cornerback) so that while the team presented multi-culti in the team photos, the team on the field would be 10 and 1 or 9 and 2, pale and dark, of course.

  • bikemonkey says:

    Yes, yes there are. Now it is possible that I was simply unnoticed. More likely, however, that Old Dude simply exists in a world where his comments are not at all racist, simply a valid topic of (frequent) discussion.

    It is my role, sadly :-), to enlighten such individuals as to the public acceptability of certain statements. Or as a public service to enlighten him as to how he is going to be perceived by some folks who are far too civil to call his ass on the carpet in public.

  • Rush Limbaugh eats at your cafe?

  • bikemonkey says:


  • monado says:

    I recall that blacks had to be twice as good in their stats as their white teammates to be considered quarterback material. You’d think that if winning was important they’d be a little more objective.

    There’s still odd kinds of discrimination in sports. It’s apparently very hard for short (read Puerto Rican) baseball players with fantastic stats to get hired by the big American baseball teams. They have some kind of Victorian fixation with big, strapping blokes.

  • monado says:

    Sorry, I switched antecedents in mid-stream:
    * First sentence, “their” means black (beige, tan, light brown, mahogany, milk chocolate) players.
    * Second sentence, “they” means team management, football. Third sentence, team management, baseball.

  • monado says:

    Fourth. Whatever.

  • Receive cantankerous! Simply letting the exact quota occur isn’t appropriate. This will enable you to remain over a competition.

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