Get orffa the bandwagon you utter posers!

June 12, 2011 § 18 Comments

This is a music meme. Your job is to identify an album or single, the release of which caused a massive popular surge for the band and therefore huge outrage on your part. Because YOU had been into them since the first album, single…or even the bar/club days.

And all these current fans are just posers.

My top one was when Dire Straits released Brothers in Arms.


§ 18 Responses to Get orffa the bandwagon you utter posers!

  • Kevin Zelnio says:

    It was definitely the Mighty Mighty Bosstones for me. I was the skaducator of my group of friends. I had listened to Bosstones for probably 1-2 years and then they put out this crappy pop album and all the sudden everyone I know has all “totez been into the Bosstones for like years”, right? i was so peeved off cause I knew no one else had heard of the Bosstones. They didn’t know what I knew, that they were originally part of he subgenre of punk skacore. Of course, the moment I mention that a subgenre of punk skacore exists, “oh yeah we totez knew about this” fuckwads!

  • cackleofradness says:

    Ani DIfranco, Dilate. I had been listening to her for forever and then these strange quasi-hippy chicks started showing up to the bi-yearly shows….

  • As a SoCal native, it would have to be No Doubt. Before Tragic Kingdom, there as the self-titled album 🙂

  • Kevin Zelnio says:

    oh yeah that reminds me. Green Day and Nirvana definitely. Before Dookie and Nevermind, we were already skateboarding to their first albums Kerplunk and Bleach in the midfuckingwest.

  • Bikemonkey says:

    I was a total Dookie Geen Day bandwagoner!!!

  • Namnezia says:

    I used to listen to Ben Folds Five. I had friend from Chapel Hill who introduced me to them before they got famous and we used to go to often see them live. Then they had a single “Brick” and they went all mainstream. Fortunately the band broke up soon after and went back into relative obscurity. Plus their more mainstream album is still pretty good.

    I’d like to say I discovered “They Might Be Giants” before they got famous, but no, I’m a total TMG poser.

    Like KZ I did listen to ska before it became popular.

  • leigh says:

    how about bands you loved when they were openers and then sucked once they gained a following of total fuckwits? i’ve got a handful of those. most of them were flash-and-done, which i now find amusing.

    from here to infirmary by the alkaline trio was probably the most inflammatory bandwagon-making album for me. though they’re still not big on the national scale.

  • melville says:

    There was the giant grunge explosion and suddenly all the bands who had been my neighbors in Seattle (bought a car from Mother Love Bone once) were spending their advances on hookers ‘n’ blow (or sluts ‘n’ smack, as per their preference).

    So any of you who picked up on grunge in 1990 or later, you’re just a buncha bandwagonaires.

  • BikeMonkey says:

    But what if you only came to appreciate select grunge *after* Cobain checked out?

    • melville says:

      It was all pretty much done by then, anyway, so totally bandwagonaire. My favorite training ride took me by the Cobain/Love house in Seattle’s Denny Blaine ($$$$$$) neighborhood. After Kurt ended it, his house became a pilgrim magnet. I had to ride through crowds of Japanese junkies paying homage, and fouling up the park that sat between the C/L house and Howard (Starbuck’s) Shultz’s.

  • Bikemonkey says:

    Sooooo, melville, speaking of poseurs, where are you on the hipsters/fixie issue???

    • melville says:

      I’ve raced and left my blood on the track. I’ve ridden more winter FG miles than those idiots have had fancy coffees and PBR. I think they are a buncha Backpfeifengesichte.

      Now if only they were buying decent track equipment so I could scoop it up in a couple years when they move on to the next bandwagon, I’d be OK. But they are buying the cheeeeepest Chinese crap.

  • David says:

    I had a lot of early finds: The Police, Joe Jackson, the Hooters, R.E.M. and even Dire Straits – hell, I even knew the Charlie Gillett story of playing a demo of Sultans of Swing on his BBC Honky Tonk radio show and having record company people calling him before the song was even over.

    Then again, I was probably an R.E.M. poseur when compared to those who lived in Athens, GA. But I was definitely the first among my social group to dial into them and the other bands above – then again, my social group was a bunch of snot-nosed, culturally-ignorant kids from Jersey and Philly. I mostly got beat up for being a David Bowie fan in 7th grade.

    Like BM, I was really pissed off when people started ranting about Dire Straits when the Sting/Money for Nothing thing came out on MTV from Brothers in Arms.

    I moved to Colorado just a few months after Big Head Todd and the Monsters released their first EP and I could try to be an early-identifier but will now just sound like a poseur (and self-aggrandizing, too!): when my band was recording its own first CD in the same studio where Todd and the boys had done some of the songs for Another Mayberry, our (and their producer) told us that he hadn’t really thought they were anything special when they’d come in after their happy hour gigs around Boulder. Of course, they’ve since made enough money that Todd has a nice house and solar-powered recording studio just outside of Steamboat Springs (Yampa, CO). They just played Red Rocks this past Saturday with Guster opening for them (I’m sure there are some Boston-area readers who knew Guster back before I became a Guster poseur).

    I’m much less dialed-in today. But a great acoustic duet and sometimes-band you people want to know is Chapel Hill-based, Mandolin Orange.

    (Yes, Namnezia, Chapel Hill is still pumping out the musical talent.) Sheril Kirshenbaum turned me on to the guy, Andrew Marlin, when hearing him solo a few years ago. He joined up with an amazing violinist and guitarist, Emily Frantz, a recent UNC-Chapel Hill grad – the duo is such magic that even Rosanne Cash has been tweeting about them.


    Of course, there’s now a bunch of dirty hippies on my front lawn telling me that I’m a Mandolin Orange poseur.

  • David says:

    Oh, but you reminded me of another meme we might want to save for another day: a song remake whose popularity pissed you off when young’uns showed no respect about its origin.

    Mine? The Man Who Sold the World by David Bowie, remade by Nirvana.

    I got the crap beaten out of me in the 1970s for liking that song. I then heard some snot-nosed kid complaining after a Bowie concert that he had nerve for covering that Nirvana song.

  • marynations says:

    Back in the Murmur/Boy days I went to see REM open for The English Beat, and U2 open for the J Geils Band – and then couldn’t stand it when they started getting radio play. How dare they play my secret soundtrack for the masses! I think hearing The Psychedelic Furs “Love My Way” at the local Big Star cured me of that angst…it was comforting to be all lost in the supermarket with them…

  • K’naan. Saw him at a festival. Loved him. Then Waving Flag happened. 😦

  • Namnezia says:

    You know, I’ve been thinking about this, Dire Straits was already quite famous before Brothers in Arms. But yea, wasn’t Money for Nothing their first MTV video, thus putting them solidly in the popular category?

    In any case, I think that their first album, is basically a perfect album. I used to have a vinyl version of it (inherited from my brothers). Later I got a CD but somehow the solo at the end of Sultans of Swing seems to be shorter. I can’t be sure since I don’t have the vinyl to compare it to, but parts seem to be missing.

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