On Marriages, approved and otherwise

February 28, 2014 § Leave a comment

The Gallup polling organization reported some interesting attitudes on marriage in 2011.

Unfortunately we can’t tell if the Loving v. Virginia decision by the Supreme Court in 1967, produced any movement since the only prior poll was in 1958. Nevertheless, I suppose we should be pleased that as of a few years ago only about 14% of all US citizens (and about 16% of white respondents) disapproved of black people marrying white people. Ok, ok, really lets all admit to being more than a little surprised that it took until the late 1990s for this country to tip past the half-way point. That’s really quite astonishing. But still, much progress seems to have been made since about 1995 or so.

But this brings us to our current debate about who should be able to get married. In this case, people of the same sex. Gallup has another set of data to relate, although this only starts in 1996:

Not quite as positive, although it is nice to see the tipping point has been reached. More than half of all Americans believed, in 2011, that same-sex couples should have their marriage recognized by the law with the same rights as different-sex marriages. Okay true, this is not the same as the “approval/disapproval” of the above polling but we’ll take it for now.


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