You are a thug and a habitual criminal…so you deserve it if the police kill you.

May 1, 2015 § Leave a comment

You are. A thug. A habitual criminal.

I know this because I’ve been watching you. Your entire life.

Petty shoplifting as an elementary school kid. You took that candy bar. I saw it. It carried over into your tweens and teens when you took a Coke or maybe stole some clothing from the mall. Took a few bucks out of Mom’s purse without permission or raided the penny jar.

You smoked cigarettes before you were 18. I saw you. That’s a crime. Illegal.

Do we even need to discuss the drinking? The alcohol consumption under the age of 21…. and very likely the purchase mediated by an older conspirator? Conspiracy to commit a crime is an extra charge.

You tried smoking marijuana. I was there. I know.

You were a habitual criminal before you even got your driver’s license. A thug.

And let’s discuss that driver’s license shall we? Another lifetime of crime described by one little rectangle of plastic.

Speeding. Rolling stop signs. Running red lights. Driving with that blinker out. Driving with a burned out headlight. I see you. All the time.

Driving impaired.

Don’t play. I know you have. Over the 0.08 BAC limit. Probably more than once. But impaired in other ways too. Texting on your phone. Overtired. On prescription meds.

You are a dangerous criminal that imperils everyone around you.

Do you skimp a little bit on your taxes now? Now that you are a mature adult? No? You don’t play a little fast and loose with the rules?

Sure you don’t.

Just like you don’t smoke marijuana. Also illegal, and you also feel perfectly comfortable letting me know you do.

or did. Back in college. Where you tried LSD and mescaline and psilocybin mushrooms. And Ecstasy. Only a little cocaine.

Criminal. Druggie. Loser. …and thug. You. Yes. You.

Do you pay your share of the taxes for your childcare worker? (You call her the baby sitter but she works almost every workday for you for a year. I see it.) Are you sure the guys working on your lawn are legally entitled to work in this country?

How many times has your child who is supposed to be in a car seat or booster ridden unrestrained by such inconveniences?

Thug. Criminal. That’s you we’re talking about.

The only difference is that the cops don’t mess with you over petty crimes.

They don’t. Never have. Maybe you got off with a stern warning as a kid. Maybe you were the one in several hundred that actually got cited for holding the joint and had to get a lawyer to go and keep you down to a fine and probation. Maybe. But probably not. And nobody knows about that….or your childhood referral to a few AA meetings for underage drinking.

No biggie.

You didn’t get shot down like a dog. You didn’t get choked out until you suffocated. You didn’t get handcuffed and put in the back of a patrol wagon for a “rough ride” until your spine was severed.

That only happens to criminal thugs.

Not nice upstandingĀ (upper) middle-class criminals like you.

Like us.

Like me.


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