Muc off sealant is kinda suc-y

February 3, 2023 § Leave a comment

After running Stan’s basic sealant on two bikes, with no drama, I decided to try a Muc-off product for no particular reason. It’s thicker, pink and has some dark chunky bits that are supposed to help with larger punctures.

I don’t know that I’ve gotten any use out of it yet, can’t recall any instances of a hissing puncture or a sealant blob exiting the tire. What I have noticed is that it seems to dry out much faster. And in doing so it leaves a scummy residue on the tire casing. I can’t recall exactly when I last refreshed these but I think it was only a couple of months ago. In swapping out the front for a cheapie Delium tire recently, I was a bit surprised to find the sealant dried up. Last time I noticed a seemingly rapid dry out, I thought maybe it was a heat spell we’d been having but I am reconsidering that conclusion.

I didn’t bother breaking the bead on the rear one, just pulled out the valve core and squirted more in. Finally starting to see the value in this technique, even if it doesn’t let you actually check the old sealant level.


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