Strava to increase subscription fees

February 3, 2023 § Leave a comment

When I first joined Strava the subscription fee was $59.99 per year and the site informs me that it will go to $79.99 per year at my next renewal date. That works out to be an increase from $5 per month to $6.67 per month. In 2022 I recorded 241 activities, which is on the order of $0.25 per activity. If I remain at the same pace the increased fee would work out to $0.33 per activity. I believe that I get far more value out of Strava than this, so I’m not going to go off in paroxysms of dismay, as many users apparently are. One of those links notes that the fee of $59.99 per year has not increased since 2013. I mean, come on folks, prices eventually go up for goods and services.

I can’t quite remember which feature of the paid Strava it was that pushed me over the edge to subscribing. I definitely use the “filter the leaderboard by age, weight, or who they follow” feature but this probably wasn’t it. I also like to create my own segments, not totally sure if that requires premium.

My vague recollection is that only the premium version allows you to port HR data from the Apple Watch. IIRC, then this is the killer function that pushes me over into subscription land. It may also have been the ability to hide the start/finish location for rides, something we should all be more aware of after Strava maps were potentially used by a murderer to find her victim.


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