How dare you dis the PQ??!!??

February 8, 2023 § Leave a comment

I am laughing at myself because I had this reaction lately to a rider video recorded in my beloved Penasquitos Canyon. For no real good reason, even. The overall summary is “no big whoop”.

How DARE you?

This person appears to be a newcomer who was probably going on some sort of review or report from one of us that love to mountain bike in the park. The rider mostly sticks to the main trails on each side and doesn’t go up any of the north side trails which is, as many know, essentially sticking to the green circle beginner part of the experience. A tiny bit of enthusiasm once they hit the Bridges trail on the north side just west of the waterfall tells the tale. This person is looking for something in the intermediate+ category.

This is not what you find on the main trails and I can see where one might be disappointed if the reviews led to some other expectation. Anyway, take a look, always fun to see the trails. And entertaining to hear other riders’ reactions.


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