That SOUND!!!

February 11, 2023 § Leave a comment

The tabs came for my sorely neglected moto. I am not sure I’ve even ridden it since I put on the last tabs. Maybe a few times.

All this bicycle commuting is getting in the way.

The 1984 VF500F

Motorcyclists like their sound. Harley’s crap ass sound is even patented. Rocketeers sure do like their inline fours revved up into the stratosphere. Yuck and yuck. Sort of sad to never hear that ring-ting-ting of a street 2-stroke anymore, haven’t heard one of those in decades. Ducati…yeah that is a nice sounding motorcycle. If you have the money.

For me it is Honda’s V4. My grad school VF500F was a little baby bike, and a previous owner had put some crappy sounding pipes on it. But it was a hint of what was to come.

My junkyard 1986 VFR700 looked like crap but ooooooh that SOUND!

After putting the new sticker on the license plate, I got the 2000 VFR800 out today for a wash, purely out of guilt. It sure is easy on the eye. And I had one local errand to run….

It isn’t the low end grunt. It isn’t the punch into the powerband. It isn’t the song it starts to sing as you near the redline.


I really need to ride this thing more.

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